TEAM 120
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2010 Rally Bonnie Doon

The 2010 Rally Bonnie Doon was held in almost
perfect conditions.  Rain during the preceding
week had all but killed off any dust problem & the
weather was all but perfect.  The little Suby was
literally dusted off for our third tilt at the event.  We
had a great run averaging over 2 seconds a
kilometre faster than last year, which was quite
satisfying considering our off season
preparation consisted of new guards and an oil
change.  10 seconds faster than last year over
the first stage and we thought we were in for a
competitive day.  But a problem with overheating
and the bonnet flying up at around 110kph cost
as over 3 minutes on 1 stage alone and our day
was shot.  Thanks to Kieren at the last service for
taping the bonnet up to keep us in the rally.
Thanks to John Doutch  
for the great imagery